Your Facebook profile image is a vitally important part of your Facebook page, it should be a precisely curated look which gives you the image that you wish to project to the world at large. A good Facebook image size will convey precisely what your page stands for and can be a great driver in increased traffic, as well as providing an instantly recognizable signifier – your brand if you like.

Facebook profile picture
Good Facebook profile photo

However, get it wrong, and the results can look amateurish, not the impression that you want to give at all. So, we can see that it’s hard to overstate the importance of getting the Facebook image dimensions right, however, a little bit of know-how can go a long way, and a few simple steps can help you to create the perfect profile image.

What Facebook image size do I need?

The Facebook profile picture size is 170 x 170 pixels, In a perfect world, you want the detail to be right in the center of the image.

Facebook profile picture

If you have an image that’s horizontal, rather than square, consider re-ordering it so that the detail is in the middle. The Facebook image dimensions require neatly stacked images to fit, you might also want to consider a border around the profile image, in order to neaten up the picture as a whole. This can also help to set off and highlight the central image.

Remember that the Facebook image is used in conjunction with a much larger cover photo, try to work out what the two wolds look like together. If one is full of detail, then you’ll probably want the other to be much clearer.

How to get it right

To get the right Facebook image size, consider using a smartphone app in order to shape the Facebook profile image to the right size. Apps like PicStitch for the iPhone can help with this. And remember that all the precision in the world is no good if your image is dull or unengaging. Ask yourself a number of searching questions. Is my picture up to date? Is there a better one out there? Could I find a create a better image?

picture or facebook profile
Use sketches instead of real photos

Remember that the Facebook image dimensions are only half the battle. The actual quality of the image itself is of paramount importance. Do you want a clear, bold modern logo, or something more traditional? Brand studies have shown that their logos have a direct impact on how brands are perceived by the consumer, think of the image as your brand. What about you is it trying to project?

It’s entirely possible that you have a better, more pertinent image to use. So don’t settle for anything other than the best.