After spending hours taking, editing and choosing the perfect profile picture to represent you on Facebook, it can be annoying and difficult to work out what the best Facebook profile picture size is to use. Images have become more and more important for users who use Facebook not just for personal reasons, but for those who rely on the platform for business and networking as well. Whatever Facebook timeline photo size you upload, it will be cropped into a smaller square, so be aware the edges may be cut off when choosing your photo.

The optimal Facebook profile image size is achieved by choosing photos that are 180 x 180 pixels. Because of the cropping, the image will appear on screen as 160 x 160 pixels, smaller thumbnails of your profile photo are viewed on screen at 32 x 32 pixels.

Which Facebook timeline photo size works best?

When uploading an image to either your own or a friend’s Facebook timeline, the photo size can change so it’s important to know what the best Facebook timeline photo size
is. If you’re sharing a website’s image, a thumbnail is automatically resized so that is 476 pixels wide and up to 714 pixels tall. These posts are the main images people will see when scrolling through their home pages, so ensuring the best quality images are used is important. When choosing a Facebook timeline photo size, a vertical photograph (portrait) that is in the ratio of 3:2 will ensure the best result. When sharing to a friend’s timeline, the better the quality when uploaded, the crisper and clearer the image will appear when viewed on different screens. If a picture is worth a thousand words, Facebook has ensured that you can communicate with people all over the world quickly and effectively.

What is the best picture size for Facebook?

Images are becoming one of the most important features in increasing social post reach, especially on Facebook. Timeline photos entice viewers to interact with the poster, in turn increasing the post’s reach. The best image size for Facebook posts is 1,200 x 630 pixels. By using an image this size, it ensures that the photo remains good quality despite Facebook shrinking the images for mobile devices. Smaller pictures may be used but quality tends to get lost. If uploading a photo on a phone, tablet or mobile device ensuring you choose the best image size for Facebook means people looking at it on a computer will see a good quality image.