Like any social media site, Google profile pictures have some size limits. Having said this, they are not restrictive and generally, it should be pretty simple to upload a reasonably sized photo. The ideal image size for a Google photo is 1080 x 608. Your photo should have an aspect ratio of about 16:9. You can use a smaller image if you like but not smaller than 480 x 270. The largest image you can use is 2120 x 1192.

Google profile picture

Your Google profile picture will appear at the top of your Gmail account when you use Google Hangouts or any other Google+ service. So it’s a great idea to use a good quality photo or one that expresses your unique personality. Google does resize your images to give you the best display on the various channels you access, so your original image may not look the way it does in full screen. Photos need to be in JPEG, GIF or PNG format. Google doesn’t accept layered PNG files or Photoshop PSD files.

How to upload a Google profile picture

The basic upload process is very simple. Sign into your Google account, then place the cursor over the existing picture. Now click the camera icon.

To upload a new image or change the current one, select the option of your choice. You can choose to upload a new photo, select from your album or take a new picture. If need be you can crop or edit your photo using Google tools. Finally, select “set as profile photo”. Your changes will be saved. Remember to select a photo that conforms to the right Google picture size specifications.

Where to find cool Google profile pictures

You can upload a photo you just took of yourself using your webcam. You can upload photos of friends and family. You can choose a photo that you found on the web, your favorite comic superhero, celebrity images or nature photogs. You can also upload your personal artwork as an image. There is no limit on how you wish to express yourself through a Googe profile photo as long as its the right Google profile picture size.

corporate business headshots
Examples of Google+ avatar

You can find cool Google profile pictures on art sites, Instagram, Pinterest or Flickr, just make sure you have permission to use it first! The best profile pictures are personal photos as this creates a sense of getting to know you, but by all means, you can use altered personal photos such as ones created on Snapchat or Face swapping programs – just to add a touch of humor to your profile.