Adding a good LinkedIn picture to your employment profile is the first step to creating an effective impression of your employment history and expertise. Think about the last time you visited a profile on the internet. There was no identifying photograph on the page. Did you feel encouraged to stay and visit the site, were you annoyed by the person’s lack of attention to detail? These are the feelings you want to avoid stirring up in your potential employment network. Instead, you want to create the impression of efficient and friendly professionalism and a good LinkedIn photo is the best way to do this.

linkedin profile picture good one

You can opt for a professionally taken headshot as your LinkedIn picture or ask a friend to make a right, necessary headshot for you. You can even bring your own using a remote camera function. No matter which option you choose, bear in mind that a good LinkedIn photo should always be current, professionally posed, feature good lighting and be of good quality. LinkedIn profile photos also need to fulfill specific size requirements. Scan the LinkedIn profile picture examples to get an idea of the scale of your photos.

How to take a good LinkedIn photo

Making a good LinkedIn photo isn’t that complicated, but you want to avoid any casual shots, poorly lit examples or silly photographs. Instead opt for a picture which showcases your current appearances, wearing business attire and one which highlights your best features. Always ensure good hair and if you’re female, understated makeup. The best choice is to opt for a professional portrait done by a photographer in a studio. They have the necessary expertise to ensure proper lighting and know how to hide any flaws.

Professional photoset for Linkedin
Professional photoset for LinkedIn

Where to find LinkedIn profile picture examples

Access the LinkedIn website and scroll through the profile pictures of the many individuals signed up. Look at the LinkedIn profile picture examples that you are most drawn to or impressed by. What stands out about them, what do you like about them, why would you hire this person over the next applicant?

Once you’ve answered, these questions decide what kind of photo will most showcase your personality and professionalism. So contact a pro photographer to take your picture, place it on your profile and use it to create the best possible impression. Share and send your links to potential employees with confidence that good networks will be built.