A professional LinkedIn headshot photographer creates professional, high-quality photographs that best display your features, personality and create a professional and trustworthy image. These days, building a brand is integral to getting hired, networking with influential associates and beating out the competition.

Examples of a good LinkedIn headshot:

Your LinkedIn photo is one of your profile’s most essential elements. Not only is this the first thing potential employers will see, but it serves as a cue to encourage the reader to view the rest of your profile. If the reader doesn’t get past the initial photograph, your chances are almost nil of having them learn more about you, let alone be granted an interview. Statistically, a great photo multiplies your chances of being viewed 14 times.

Selecting the best headshot photographer

Some headshot photographers have made a name for themselves by creating beautiful, professional headshots that stand out in a crown. Photographers like Joanna DeGeneres and Cathyrn Farnsworth have generated a name for themselves by creating headshots that sell their clients and open all the right doors. While not every photographer is of this caliber, you can undoubtedly find an excellent, experienced one within your budget.

The mood and expression in your photo need to match the audience you are trying to attract. If you are a nurse and want to create an empathic and efficient aura, this will be slightly different from an actor or business owner. Your choice of background, outfit, and hairstyle determines the overall impression you create so choose wisely. If you want to create an impression – choose a dark background and suit in grey or navy.

What do best headshot photographers do

A good headshot photographer has skills and expertise that you won’t get when you ask a friend or family member to take your photo. Professional photographers know:

  • how to set up the correct lighting;
  • what clothes look the best;
  • how to style the hair;
  • the kind of makeup that will create a favorable image.
makeup professional headshot linkedin
Before and after makeup

They will probably also know the best hair and make-up artists to help you to create a great picture. They will also advise you to keep your photocurrent so that prospective employees will feel like you’re stable and credible. If you currently wear glasses and have red hair, make sure that your profile picture reflects this.

Dressing appropriately is very important. If you want to create a fun and friendly impression wear bold, smart-casual shirts but if you want maximum professionalism to opt for a full business suit and tie or smart blouse and jacket.

Avoid busy backgrounds, words, lines or shapes in your background or colors that are too bold. White or grey backgrounds are usually the perfect choice, especially when you have the right lighting.