These days getting a good LinkedIn photo is crucial to your business success . Having high-quality Facebook, Twitter and Instagram photos will enable you to make the right kind of splash on social media. Want that extra good LinkedIn photo but not sure how to go about it? Read on for some ideas about how to make a good profile picture.

Everyone wants to put their best foot forward when meeting new people. One of the key ways that we meet people in the present day is online. Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram boast millions of users annually. More and more people are promoting their business acumen on LinkedIn. That is why it is so essential to have a good LinkedIn photo and to look amazing on social media.

What makes the best profile picture for sites like LinkedIn?

One of the essential tips regarding how to make a good profile picture is that you need to look authentic. Look natural and show your personality but don’t go over the top or embarrass yourself! Get yourself looking well groomed and spruce before you take the professional headshot. Focus on the best points of your face.

good linkedin photo
Good LinkedIn photo example

It is always better to go for a headshot with the shoulders slightly turned towards you when you are taking a good LinkedIn photo. How about getting your hair freshly cut and ensuring that you look you are very best before you make that extra good LinkedIn photo for your profile? It can be a good idea to get someone else, such as a friend or family member, to take your photo as then you won’t be limited regarding your posture and distance from the camera. Take several pictures so that you can select the very best profile picture from among them.

Hire a professional to take a good LinkedIn photo for you

If you are really invested in getting the best profile picture possible for your social media platforms, then one great thing that you can do is to have a photoshoot with a professional photographer. They will know exactly how to make a good profile picture. If you do go for this option, make sure that you ask your photographer to deliver you versions of the photographs that are sized according to the requirements for the platforms that you intend to place them on.

That way, you can be clear that your photos will be displayed correctly when you do come to upload them. Now you are ready to get the best profile picture possible, so to get prepared to boost your profile views with a good Linkedin photo and great Facebook avatar.