Many may wonder if a professional headshot for Linkedin is really that important. Surely, with your credentials on the show, is headshot irrelevant? However, you would be wrong to make this assumption as a profile without a professional image is a profile that will frequently get overlooked. Remember, when we meet someone for the first time, we build our first impression on things like eye contact and how approachable that person appears.

We make our mind up about them based on what they are wearing and we tend to decide whether they can deliver what they are promising based on presentation far more than on lip-service. A headshot can do all this for you in a way that a list of achievements simply can’t. A headshot also shows that you mean business, that you’re professional and that you have gone the extra mile to present yourself well.

Professional headshot for Linkedin

man linkedin headshot
Professional Linkedin headshots

Where to get a headshot for Linkedin

Unless your best friend just happens to a professional headshot photographer, this isn’t a task to ask your mates for help with. Always seek out an experienced company or individual when looking for where to get a good photo for Linkedin. Any reputable headshot photographer will offer a specific service for Linkedin headshots and will understand how to get the right shot for you as a person as well as for the industry you work in.

Professional headshot studio for Linkedin
Professional headshot studio

A good Linkedin headshot photographer will be able to show you a portfolio of work as evidence and will take a series of images and allow you to choose the best one. Use recommendations from friends or contact those whose headshots you like the look of, to help you find the right person to do your professional headshot for Linkedin. When it comes to where to get a headshot for Linkedin, the network itself is a great place to start.

Getting a professional headshot for Linkedin just right

Your headshot photographer will be able to give you priceless advice on getting your Linkedin headshot just right. However, you also need to think about some additional factors.

  • What story do you want your headshot to tell?
  • What background would suit your headshot?
  • Are you looking for a new job, to network, or are you looking for sales leads?
  • Do you want to come across as authentic, professional, approachable or perhaps all three?
  • Would an outdoor headshot tell your story better?

When it comes to the day of the shot, opt for formal or semi-formal clothing in neutral clothes and if you don’t feel confident in your own hair and makeup, consider going to a salon first and explaining that you are getting a headshot done.