Are you one of the 467 million plus people who use the free networking site LinkedIn to showcase your business skills and employment history to potential employers and business partners? When creating a profile on LinkedIn, as you will know, one of the key elements that you need to think about is which photo you will use for your avatar.

When placing this photo on your LinkedIn profile, it is absolutely essential to ensure that it is just the right size. If your image is the wrong size, your photo will either look too small to be appreciated in its full glory or it will be too large and thus as a result viewer will only see part of the image – blown up much larger than it should be – where your profile photo should be located. In short, having a LinkedIn photo that is the wrong size is a sure fire way to make your profile look unprofessional.

What is the correct LinkedIn image size?

The correct LinkedIn photo size for a profile photo is measured in pixels and it is 400 pixels by 400 pixels. So, when you are uploading your profile pic to LinkedIn, make sure that it is this size so that it will display perfectly. If you do have a larger image, as long as it is square in shape and no more than 8 MB in size and not too large, the LinkedIn site will usually be able to automatically fix it so that it is the ideal LinkedIn profile photo size without you having to do anything else. There is another LinkedIn image size requirement to bear in mind, however, when using this popular business networking site. Many LinkedIn users like to add a background image to their LinkedIn profile. These images need to measure 1584 pixels by 396 pixels in order to look their best.

Getting the right LinkedIn profile photo size

Of course, the best way to ensure that you have got just the right LinkedIn profile photo size is to take a photograph with the camera settings fixed so that you are taking a square image of ideally 400 pixels in width and height. But, what if you have got an image that you really want to use that is not the correct LinkedIn photo size?

Using your phone’s crop or stretch tool is not the best option as this will distort the proportions of your face in your profile photo! There are plenty of great tools that you can use for free online that will magically resize an image so that it is the correct LinkedIn image size. Or, if you need additional help, you can hire a professional photographer to take an image that is the perfect LinkedIn photo size or resize an existing image for you.