Take a little more precaution when settling for your LinkedIn profile picture because it is your face to the world. Unlike other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn serves a rather professional and formal purpose. Hence, it requires just the right profile picture. Forget about the car selfie, or that rowdy photo of you lounging on the beach in the Bahamas all sunbathed.


linkedin profile picture
LinkedIn profile picture example

What you portray to the world through your LinkedIn profile picture should be a true reflection of what you are, and what you want the world to think of you. You obviously wish to bring out the very best of you, professionally speaking, and you have to make a little investment in the profile picture. A good picture, researchers opine, is likely to get you more views, reviews, and referrals in the LinkedIn community. If you don’t know how to get an engaging profile picture, here is some important info to see you through.

How to create a great LinkedIn photo

What is in a picture? Everything! The first step towards a superb LinkedIn profile image is to get a professional LinkedIn photo. Because everything is in a photo, you may consider visiting professional photographers for a great snap. While this course of action may cost you money, it is worth all the trouble. A photo studio has adjustable lighting, which the technicians can manipulate to produce a great picture. A few more touches using appropriate image-editing software will complete the trick.

Photo studio
Portrait photography studio

You can still obtain a professional headshot without making your way to the photo man. Your smartphone, or a friend’s, can accomplish just as much but with a bit of creativity and consideration. Be sure to find lots of natural light and a plain background for the photo – and a neighbor or friend to take the picture. Your phone probably has some limited photo-editing capabilities, and they will do just fine.

The need for a professional LinkedIn profile picture

It wouldn’t do to have your LinkedIn profile sharing the same profile photo as your Facebook or Twitter platform. People judge books by their covers, and so do you. The picture staring back at them from your profile plays a significant role in forming judgment and perceptions about you. You don’t exactly need to bend over double to impress, but you should evince an air of professionalism.

Dress officiously and try to give a natural smile while the photographer snaps away on the camera. The professional and natural look attracts viewers to have a closer look, and then proceed with your background information. And of course, the person in that photo must be you. Don’t go overboard with the image editors – the final result may be more of a mannequin than a breathing being.