In a world where everyone is chasing after perfection, what would be the best profile picture for social media? This question is the subject of this article. I set out on a venture to find some of the elements that would help you identify the ultimate social media profile photo. Whether you are hunting for the best profile picture for Facebook or the best profile picture for Linkedin, I have a compilation of ideas that will blow your mind.

Best profile picture on Facebook

When you join Facebook, one of the things required from you is to upload a profile picture. Your choice is crucial as your profile picture is a representative of your personality. You may be tempted to scour the internet for images of the best profile pictures, but the wise choice is an original and natural picture. To achieve images of best profile picture, the subject must smile (preferably with teeth glowing) or squinch the photo.

Image of best profile picture on facebook

It is essential that you appear likable, approachable and hospitable. Stare into the camera. Your jawline plays a role in likeability. The purpose of your account will determine your dress code. If your account is only for social purposes, then you will be excused to dress casually. You may even put on some sunglasses.

Best profile picture for Linkedin

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is strictly formal. The best profile picture for linked in should portray formality, approachability, trust, and competence. While posing for Linkedin profile pictures, it is essential that you do not block your eyes. This means no sunglasses or baseball caps.

best profile picture on linkedin

It is also advisable that you dress formally for the photoshoot; a dark suit would be a good idea. It is important that you smile, show some teeth. Wide-open eyes are fearful. This is why it would be a good idea to squint your eyes slightly. Not too much, just enough to maintain a comfortable and fresh look.


Facial expressions have the power to qualify an image as the best profile picture for Linkedin or Facebook. To help analyze your images of best profile pictures is a web tool known as Prettify. Prettify allows anyone to upload their profile photos for analysis. The analysis involves actual people voting for their favorite profile pictures. Photofeeler analyses pictures regarding authenticity, confidence, fun, attractiveness and more. To join Prettify you only need to link your Facebook or LinkedIn accounts to the site. This even eases the process of accessing photos for analysis. Is there anything like a perfect profile picture? I don’t know. The best we can do is to aim for better. With the pointers stated above and the PhotoFeeler app; your quest for the best profile picture draws closer to an end.