With the ever-increasing usage of mobile sites and computer-friendly websites, there’s no question about the importance of an active online presence for your business. Creating a great place that is both mobile and computer-friendly is one thing. But it wouldn’t do if you don’t have active social media profiles that connect to your business website for gaining new customers and improving your relationship with your existing customers.

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With so many online social media sites nowadays, making a wise selection may not seem natural. Generally, Linkedin, which has over 500 million registered free and premium members in 200 countries, is reputed to be the most advantageous site for employment and business purposes. Whether it’s for B2B or B2C relationships, Linkedin is a must for bettering your business. Facebook and Twitter are more for socializing with relatives and friends and making new friends. But, these sites are essential too if you wish to foster a better relationship with your customers and business partners and gaining more customers. What’s more, you can connect these sites to your Linkedin profile. When you create your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles, don’t forget to upload your best professional headshots.

Benefits of Uploading Professional Business Headshots

Brand building is vital for any B2C company. Your Linkedin profile is your brand’s flagship. Making timely, useful and exciting posts improve your likeability among your existing customer base and give a push towards gainful lead generation. Comments and messages give you better interaction with your customers and improve overall customer satisfaction ratings. A thumbnail of your profile picture appears on your Facebook or Linkedin posting. So if you wish to portray the image of competency, trust, and confidence, opt for professional business headshots.

Tips for the Best Professional Headshots

While your body shots include limbs and other lower body parts, your best professional headshots should cover your head, neck and perhaps your shoulders. If you’re keen on acquiring different professional business headshots for your various online social media profiles and print media advertisements, consider working with a professional portrait photographer. Make-up and accessories should be simple. Go for natural make-up that enhances your best facial features if you’re a woman. For clothing, colors like green, purple, blue and wine are great for the best professional headshots.

Overall, it should be a neat, simple and yet professional appearance that oozes confidence and competency. A good, relaxed posture with the age-old “shoulders back and back straight” is great for business headshots. And finally, don’t forget to look into the camera and give a natural, lovely and warm smile. Indeed, giving such a smile for no reason at all is not easy and may come through as forced. So here’s what you can do for the best professional headshots – think about a funny incident or someone who makes you smile.