The first place a customer or client looks when they’re searching for services like yours, or indeed looking specifically at your company, is your website. This is your chance to make a first impression, and we all know how important they are. Corporate headshots of key staff (or for small organizations, all staff) can be an excellent tool for your creating the right brand image. Whatever you want to say, be it professional, friendly, approachable or authentic, this can always be attained with excellent corporate headshots.

good corporate headshot example
Good corporate headshot example

Finding the right corporate headshot company

There’s no doubt that the biggest top tip for getting your headshots perfect is to appoint an experienced corporate photography company. Look for a company with good credentials and plenty of experience, make sure they can do indoor and outdoor corporate headshots. Have a look at the websites of companies they have carried out work for; most photography companies will list previous clients so it’s easy to see the shots they have taken for other clients.

Corporate photos production
Corporate photos production

Once you have found a corporate headshot photography service you are happy with, ask for a pre-session consultation. This will help staff feel at ease and prepare for the professional headshots better. Use this consultation to discuss the wheres and whys of your headshots.

Perhaps ask your photographer to do a few shots in various settings so you can decide upon the best before the actual day of the headshots.

Telling a story with outdoor corporate headshots

A headshot needs a narrative; it should tell the stories of both your firm and the individual in the photo. A young tech start-up will have a very different story to a family owned, 100-year old solicitors’ firm for instance, and your corporate headshots are the perfect opportunity to tell that story. You can tell a story through the backdrop you use for the shots and for some firms, an office may be the right setting.

outdoor headshot photography
Outdoor corporate headshot

For others, outdoor corporate headshots, which are increasingly in vogue, are an excellent way to tell a story. Does each employee need the same background, or would individual backdrops tell the story of your staff better? Do you need to travel to a different location to get the right shots?

Getting the basics right

You need to consider everything that will be in the shot from the clothing to make-up and hair. Avoid instructing staff on exactly what to wear, but instead, offer more general tips. Generally speaking, neutral clothing is the ideal choice for headshots, unless you run a fashion house.

Neutral clothing will draw website visitors to the faces of the staff. Always encourage staff to smile in their shots, humans are drawn to friendly faces and there’s no reason you can’t look friendly, approachable AND professional with a good smile.