Corporate photography focuses on individual businesses and their needs. Whether your business is hosting an event, you want professional images of the inside or outside of your company, or you wish to showcase your employees with headshots showing them at work, corporate photos gives you the images needed for use on social media, on leaflets or promotional material, or on your website.

What are the Benefits of Corporate Photography?

A professional corporate photo can have several benefits. Adding headshots of your employees to your website or social media pages can add a splash of personality. Corporate photography doesn’t have to focus solely on employees. If you host corporate events such as charity events, dinners or balls, or community events, having a corporate photo can showcase your business and give customers or potential clients a feel for the business.

Corporate photography

Professional headshots are the perfect addition to company newsletters, blogs, or online sites to help represent your company and present it in a great light.

Best Types of Corporate Photography

When considering the type of photography you require, you need to consider what you are hoping to portray. There are various types of photography and choosing the right photographer can help you get the corporate photo that best represents your company.

When it comes to corporate photographs, there are different options available. Business headshots in a casual photograph can help demonstrate the relaxed, yet driven attitude of your team. Casual photographs would involve the employees going through the motions of working, such as answering the phone, writing in a notepad or working at a computer station whilst their photos are taken.

 corporate photo
Outside photo

Alternatively, if you are hoping to use the photos online or on leaflets, a classic white background can help customers to focus on your team, and not any distracting background.
Corporate headshots can help to represent the company. For this, the corporate photo can be taken of an employee standing in front of your business logo on the wall. Alternatively, the photographs can include things such as stationary, notebooks and uniforms displaying your companies logo.

If one of the hallmarks of your company is its locality, then corporate photographs taken outside can have more appeal. Perhaps having the photographs taken by a local landmark or area of beautiful scenery can help showcase your business.

When arranging for a photographer to come and take some corporate photographs, make sure to inform your employees ahead of time so they are prepared for the photo shoot. Communicating with the corporate photographer about your preferred location, event type, number of photos you require and the number of people who will be photographed will help ensure you receive the corporate photos you want.