Professional headshots are a powerful way to introduce a potential employer to your personality and profile. Whether you’re a model, actor or author or need to enhance and promote your profile on your Facebook page or Twitter account, a professional headshot is essential. Imagine visiting a page or profile, and there is no photo available? What would your impression be? Most likely you would move on to the next!

Professional headshots are easy to obtain. The best men’s professional headshots or women’s professional headshots are taken by an agency. Professional headshots cost more via an agency than asking a friend or family member to take a well-lit photograph of your head and shoulders. This might work, as long as you ensure it’s of good quality, not out of focus, too dark or bright and highlights your good qualities. However, it’s highly recommended to opt for a reputable agency that specializes in men’s and women’s professional headshots.

What do professional headshots cost?

Professional headshot photoset cost around $250.

Depending on where you live, you could scout local art or photography schools to find out if their final year students offer photography services. Many of them operate small businesses taking professional photographs. This helps to supplement their income and pay for their studies. Your photographer will help to bring out your best features by advising you on the best poses or head position, clothing colors which bring out the best in you and the type of headshot that works best for a particular industry.

Benefits of professional headshots

Professional headshot
Professional headshot for social network

Your corporate headshot is the first impression you create. Social media is often the first port of call when you are aiming to develop your brand image. Good quality headshots tell a story about who you are to a prospective employee or agent. If you’re a corporate entity, your corporate headshot can help to provide the impression that you’re a trustworthy, friendly person or a right business person. If you’re an actor or model, your headshot can express aspects of your personality and highlight features like your eyes, lips, hair or skin, or talents you have.

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Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are instrumental in creating your brand. These days if you don’t have a profile on at least one of these sites, your popularity is likely to suffer. Recruiters access these sites to gather information. Your headshot exemplifies the image or persona which you aspire to and helps to express this visually. Potential employers or investors regard an excellent photograph as evidence that you are worth an investment in.