Your Twitter account, just like any other social media site, requires your profile photo to be complete. Twitter’s original idea was to allow users to communicate quickly and easily via short texts, but it has since metamorphosed to enable sharing of images as well. But the pictures you share with your followers may not have a big an impact as your profile photo. You need to impress your visitors by uploading the right Twitter profile photo size without compromising on image quality. Not sure how to go about it? Well, here is useful info to help you through.

Twitter profile
Twitter profile

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and they are probably right especially in relation to social media accounts. You may have noticed that you generate more traffic on your page when you upload a photo than plain text. The first place to start is your twitter profile picture. Then largest Twitter picture image is 500 by 500 pixels.

  • A bigger photo means that the social site will have to automatically crop it.
  • A smaller image will result in a stretched pixelated portrait of you that is no better than the official twitter egg.

You may also need to adapt to square images because social media platforms have a preference for the square shape. So, get a square profile picture which you can easily scale down to a smaller square to fit twitter image requirements.

How to optimize your Twitter profile photo

Start off with a high-quality picture of you. You could use a high-resolution camera – you can borrow from a friend if you don’t own one. Alternatively, you can visit a photo studio for professional image production services. Engaging photo studio services will cost you some valuable Euros, so you may consider doing the job at home using your mobile phone. Once you have a good quality Twitter profile picture and Twitter profile photo size, the next step is to optimize it for the web.

If you don’t, Twitter will do it for you but you won’t fancy the outcome. You now have a good quality image ready for uploading, but before you do, remember that Twitter prefers a square image, so ensure your image fits into this shape. Your profile picture is now ready for uploading but for something worth considering – is that you in the image? It makes very little sense to feature someone else on your twitter profile, so make sure it is you in that picture.

Why your profile photo is important

You won’t find many images on Twitter as you would on Facebook or Pinterest, so your profile photo should speak volumes about you or your company. Your page may have very useful information but your online friends may sweep over it on account of the grainy low-resolution profile picture staring back at them. Egg people to follow you by uploading a captivating Twitter profile picture size.